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VIDEO: Oklahoma Kicker Zach Schmit Is An ATHLETE Who Takes Fake Field Goals To The Fookin' House

Between having a nice chat just now with my buddy who has dual Irish-American citizenship (flex on it) and seeing The Banshees of Inisherin recently, I got inspired to add a little twist to that headline. Hope you enjoyed. I'm sure you're getting hammered at a Halloween party somewhere anyway, standard reader. There's a certain distinguishing between the mild curse word "feck" — which they use often in Banshees — and it's pronounced as such but you know what I'm getting at. This has sent me on a retroactively-edited journey down a rabbit hole of dialects and now I'm freaking out.

OK but anyway. To actually write about this far culturally-different and most rare occurrence in college football, ZACH SCHMIT is my new favorite kicker in the country for housing this fake against Iowa State. Took the ball from holder Michael Turk and went straight to the end zone. Even cooler, it counts as a touchdown toss for Turk. His passer rating gotta be off the charts now.

We've seen so many so-called "specialists" fuck up royally this season when all the pressure has been on. Hell, even when Tennessee made that winning kick against Alabama it was an ugly-ass knuckleball. Zach Schmit went above and beyond his typical job description. He should be commended with the highest honor.

Don't know whose call it ultimately was because Sooners coach Brent Venables is such a gawking weirdo that I hesitate to give him the benefit of the doubt/credit on anything. Whether it was the specialists making the fake in the moment, the special teams coach dialing it up or Venables himself demanding it go down, Oklahoma deserves to be celebrated for saying, "FUCK NO" to kicking a 19-yard field goal.

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