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Lamar Jackson Has Been Making It Clear He Has One Message: Pay Me

Pay em.

Short and simple, and unmistakable. Lamar wants to get paid. Who could blame him? He's earned it. He's the straw that stirs the drink of the Baltimore Ravens. For better or worse, that's been true since the moment he was given the starting job in the middle of 2018. And that's typically been for better.

He went well out of his way to make a scene of that sign that fell. He's been closer to direct than cryptic on Twitter in terms of what kind of tweets and instagrams he throws his weight behind. They're typically about his contract. He's ready for it. Lesser QB's who have been in the league for shorter have gotten their paydays. It's time for Lamar to get his.

Lots to recap from a big Ravens win, have a listen: