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$EBR Eastern Conference Power Rankings

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On this week's Spittin’ Chiclets we broke down the Eastern Conference and the whole crew gave their predictions of who would make the playoffs. If you haven’t listened already make sure you do as you may find a few important stats for your opening week bets!!

We predicted the 8 teams we thought would make the playoffs, but I wanted to get pen to paper to have the entire Eastern Conference officially ranked. We will check in on these rankings monthly and see how it ends up from October to April.

Eastern Conference Power Rankings:

  1. Toronto - Matthews, and Marner will do their thing and now 2 capable goalies are behind them. 

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  2. Tampa Bay - Vasilevskiy, Kucherov, and Hedman will always keep The Bolts at the top.

  3. Carolina - Rod The Bod gets the best out of everyone during the regular season.

  4. NY Rangers - Igor and the rest of the core got a taste last year and will be even better this year. 

  5. Pittsburgh - They brought back the Big 3, it's time for the Last Dance.

  6. Islanders - Last year was a debacle, throw it in the dumpster. Sorokin will become a household name this season. 

  7. Florida - Too much change in South Florida, I see them taking a step back.

  8. Detroit - $EBR has them making the biggest turnaround of all the up-and-coming teams.

  9. Boston - Monty behind the pine will have them sniffing the postseason even with all the injuries.

  10. Washington - Their time is over, Ovie goal watch will be exciting all year though.

  11. Buffalo - Is a team of the future, if they upgraded the goalie they would make the playoffs.

  12. Ottawa - Still a couple of years away, and goaltending will be an issue, let's ride their Overs all year.

  13. New Jersey - I was close to moving these guys up, they are young and fast and Hughes looks better every game. 

  14. Columbus - Johnny Hockey is a big signing, but not enough to get them near the playoff bubble.

  15. Montreal - Connor Bedard Watch.

  16. Philadelphia - Connor Bedard Watch.

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