A huge controversy in competitive Walleye fishing. I have been gathering the facts from various sources but this is what has been the general consensus: 

So this has blown up on social media, Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan were caught cheating in one of the biggest- if not the biggest Lake Erie walleye tourney. Sounds like they’ve won some big money and a boat fishing these ‘eye tournaments, and have been accused of cheating numerous times and even failed their polygraph test after they won the fall brawl a year or two ago, but their attorney saved their asses from the sounds of it. I’m sure more details will be shared over the next week or so, but this is crazy. Shit bags.

The worst part about this whole thing is this is probably not the first time they have cheated and there is tons of money involved.

Walleye slam they won a $100k

The more I googled these guys the more "wins" I found.

The big checks,  whole ordeal…

The thing about fishing is you can be good at fishing, but because of the luck of the draw, there is usually tons of parity. That means every time someone enters into a tournament, there is always a chance they come upon some 20lb beast walleye that may put an average fisherman over expert fishermen just out of luck. What these guys did was literally steal prize money and boats! They put large fishing weights in the bodies of the fish as well as bought fish filets! Noone knows how many times they did this but these guys are lucky they didn't get jumped on the way back to their trucks. 


The fishermen around him were pissed as hell. Literally yelling for the police to get them while the fish were getting cut open. This is on par with Horse Thieving and Lobster pot robbing (I am pretty sure these crimes used to have the death penalty but now do not). Fishing is one of those activities these guys give their all in. They wake up at like 3 am and fish till their hands bleed. These are the guys who don’t bring coolers of beer to fish. They are fishing sober! Sober fishermen aren't there to listen to music and catch a buzz on a boat! THEY DON’T PLAY MUSIC NOT TO SCARE THE FISH! I like fishing, but half the fun is being on a boat, playing chill music, and cracking some cold ones! If you catch one it's just a bonus! These guys don’t do all that to win… I rather fight a black bear than cross a sober competitive fisherman. These guys need to go into the witness protection program. They are probably safer in Jail than anywhere near these fishing circles.