Mac Jones is Not - and This Bears Repeating - NOT Ruling Out Playing Sunday

Stew Milne. Shutterstock Images.

Like I said in the immediate aftermath of Mac Jones hobbling off the field Sunday looking like he was on his way to the Leg Amputation specialist at the Minute Clinic, thing were looking extremely grim for the rest of the season. For both Jones and the team of which he is an essential part. It's something I've been repeating every day as I slide down the wet tiles of the shower and clutch my knees to my chest and ugly-face cry at the possibility of 14 more games without him.

I think we were all thinking in worst case scenarios. Broken bones. Ligament damage. A separation. Even a tendon tear. Is there a name for one big, glaring weakness on the back part of someone's foot? There ought to be. 

But a lot can change in five days. We went from negative X-rays, to a sprain, to reports that the options are rest (six to eight weeks) or surgery (four), to this latest one:

By way of full disclosure, Jones was not at the limited media portion of this afternoon's practice. Though it should be noted that Coolio was there. In spirit:

But just the fact it's even a remote possibility, worthy of discussion between Jones and "multiple teammates," is a reason for hope. That he's going about his routine like he plans on playing inspires the kind of optimism no one could've thought possible Sunday night. And if he's somehow able to come out of that tunnel at Lambeau and line up with his hands between David Andrews' mighty thighs again? Well that's the sort of thing that causes people to start religions. 

No one can say for certain. At least not on this team, where no one says anything for certain even when it is for certain. But just the fact it's a discussion is beyond my wildest dreams a few days ago. It has that feel of the week of the 2017 AFC championship game, when Tom Brady gashed his thumb on Rex Burkhead's helmet and still somehow managed to not only get it treated well enough to start, but threw two 4th quarter touchdowns to Danny Amendola against the Jaguars No. 1 defense in the league for the win. Only then the stakes were much higher and the pressure was off the charts. Still, this would be a medical miracle on a scale of that one. 

But as Belichick said, he's not an orthopedic surgeon and neither am I. We're just two guys with a lot invested in Mac Jones getting healed up, pronto. And until then, all we can do is take it Day. By. Day.