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The Bengals Blow The Jets Off The Field And Order In The Universe Has Been Temporarily Restored

Cooper Neill. Getty Images.

This is how it’s supposed to be. This is what the offense is supposed to look like. Did the Bengals run out the clock in exemplary fashion to blow this game against the Jets even more wide-open than a 27-12 score suggests? Nope nope nope. Did we have a scare on one Joe Burrow hit? Yup we did, but guess what? Only three sacks is a step up from what Cincinnati has been accustomed to over the first two weeks.

More so than in the first two losses, the Bengals came out with a motherfucking purpose. Won the coin toss. Defer? No thank you. Give us the damn ball and watch us march down the field, get a bullshit call to take away Tee Higgins' TD and watch us put it in the end zone anyway thank you very much!!

Seems like "the simulation is broken" jokes are more in vogue than I'd ever have expected them to be nowadays. However, it really did seem as if the technological singularity had occurred, some rogue AI had taken over and someone was toying with us Bengals folk as we witnessed Mitch Trubisky and Cooper Rush beat our team in the first two matchups of 2022. Red flags everywhere to say the least once all that transpired. 

Thankfully, it seemed like Joe Burrow was hungry and simply needed a Snickers. You know those commercials right? You know what i'm trying to say. Looked far more like his normal self this afternoon. THANK GOODNESS.

Burrow looked more decisive, self-assured and was getting rid of the ball early to avoid pressure. It was beautiful to see. Clean pockets. Dimes in the quick game. Hell, if not for some brilliant downfield plays by Jets corner Sauce Gardner, Cincy would've had even more splash plays to Ja'Marr Chase. 

Respect where respect is due, Sauce is legit. I love that some rookie is getting under Ja'Marr's skin a little bit. it's only going to help him push his game to another level — and let's be real, he needs to amid a slow start and Sunday's six-catch, 29-yard effort.

As it stands, Burrow completed 23 of 36 balls for 275 yards, three TDs and no turnovers. If you win the turnover battle against a limited team like the Jets, you're probably gonna win running away. That's what happened.

Disconcerting news: Tee Higgins got off to a hot start and was in jeopardy of suffering his second concussion in three weeks. Suboptimal to say the least. I love that word and keep using it. I don't love the fact that Tee has gotten his bell rung so hard this early on. It's alarming. I hope he's OK. Please be OK, Tee Higgins.

PS though look at WR3 Tyler Boyd who's allegedly "slow" YACing it up and finding pay dirt:

We all know the NFL is chaotic and rather unpredictable from week to week. Next up is Thursday against the 3-0 Miami Dolphins. They just came off a crazy, emotional win over the Bills and I have a feeling their defense is going to be gassed having just gone up against Josh Allen. Everything is working in the Bengals' favor. They were on cruise control in the second half for the most part. The rushing attack and Joe Mixon need to get going, but beggars can't be choosers. It was vital to avoid that 0-3 start, and Cincinnati accomplished that today. That's all that matters. A real chance to improve to 2-2 against a quality team this Thursday. Let's fucking GOOOOOOO.

Sorry if my writing is a little sparse of invaluable insight, running on fumes from last night.

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