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Pretty Sure If You Aggressively Waltz Up To A Cop You're Gonna Get Tazed 100/100 Times

What did this guy think was gonna happen? This dude’s swaggering up there like a manager ready to go toe-to-toe with an umpire (back when baseball was original), of course he’s gonna get messed up. You waltz up to the fuzz in any situation like the cock of the walk and you deserve to get at minimally tazed in the face. You do it at a peaceful traffic stop while saying “Take the Goddamn lights off or I’m gonna put it in reverse” then you’re lucky not to get shot. I get that he’s got the Dad luggage thing on the roof and is probably stressed to death on a the average family road trip, but still. No shit he got 1.21 gigawatts to the heart.

Damn guy dropped like a sack of potatoes. He’s gotta get some thicker skin and a bitch to blame, as in this obligatory clip in all tazering post.

h/t Jeff