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Anaheim Set To Bring Back The Mighty Ducks With These New Third Jerseys



The Ducks, who currently have one of the worst sweater combos in the NHL, are set to debut a new third jersey on October 16th. Why so late? I don’t know. They’re on West Coast time I guess. But thankfully for us, the good people over at Icethetics were able to get a sneak peek at the new jersey and threw together a nice little rendering for all of us. And it looks like we’re in store for a Mighty Mighty Comeback.



It’s definitely a start. I mean, it still looks like someone took a plain white jersey, threw up all over it and then embroidered some numbers and a logo on there. Other than the Flyers, everyone else in the league looks like garbage wearing orange. But the Mighty Ducks crest is finally making it’s way back and that’s a beautiful thing. I don’t know how the Ducks were able to go from having some of the absolute best jerseys in the league to some of the absolute worst (other than Disney selling away the team), but it’s been a depressing downward spiral in hockey fashion to watch. I’m just glad they were finally able to at least slightly stop the bleeding. This is a good sign for the future. Now here are the jerseys that we’d obviously wish the Ducks went with instead of this one.

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But yeah, this new third jersey could for sure be worse so good for Anaheim I guess. I’m sure that bald-headed fuck Ryan Getzlaf will look just great in it.