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Former NFL Quarterbacks Are ALL Heaping Praise On Justin Fields. It Might Be Okay To Hope

It's going to be a LONG year for the Bears. I think we all know that. New coach. New scheme. New GM. Same owners. That is a recipe for trouble in Chicago historically. Having said that...I think the Bears finally have a QB and that is obviously the place to start. I can't remember the media and analysts praising a Bears QB. Literally I don't think that has happened once in my entire career. Even when Cutler was here everyone hated him locally and nationally. Grossman never got love. Neither did Trubisky. It's August, enthusiasm and expectations are lower than ever so I am going to wrap my arms around any positive news and that positive news being about the most important position in sports...that is great. Even better that the coaching staff seems to be doing the same thing. I don't think we'd see Getsy and Eberflus heaping praise on Fields if they were feeling like they were going to be looking for a new QB soon. A QB of their choosing. Instead they're both complimenting his worth ethic and mechanics. It feels like they're treating him as if he is the guy. 

And if he is the guy then 2023 could be the year this ship turns around because the Bears will have the full complement of draft choices a gazillion dollars in cap space. And by gazillion I mean double the next highest team

The path towards being competent might just be there. We just have to crawl through a river of shit like Andy Dufresne in 2022. Justin Fields is the rock hammer to freedom before Poles can spend that money earned on a resort in Zihuatanejo. There's a gleam