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Mom Breast Feeds Her Son And Her Son's Friend And Calls Them "Milk Siblings"

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NYDNThe more the merrier. A Pennsylvania mom posted a picture of her breastfeeding her friend’s son alongside her own child to raise awareness about “milk sharing.” In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Jessica Anne Colletti posed with her 16-month-old son, Lucian, and 18-month-old Mateo for the Mama Bean parenting blog on Saturday.  “So much love between these milk siblings,” she said for the post. “It’s a special bond between us all.” Colletti, 27, told the Daily News she offered to feed Mateo 10 months ago after meeting his mom, Charlie Interrante, at a photo shoot for women who had recently given birth. Mateo was having trouble with formula and experienced constipation while his mom was at work, Colletti said. “It just seemed like the natural thing to do because I was already breastfeeding my son,” Lucian, now 16 months, Colletti said. “It was what he needed. (Interrante) was happy for him to have the comfort and the best nutrition he could get while she was at work.” Colletti referred to Mateo as one of her sons and said she and Interrante, a 25-year-old single mother, are “inseparable.” She moved in with Colletti and her husband, Ben, in Bala Cynwyd last month. “It works out really well for us,” Colletti said, noting the boys are brothers because they’ve grown up together. But some people were not happy with Colletti’s post, calling it “gross.”  The stay-at-home mom said she “totally expected” some of the backlash against her post because “critics are just misinformed” and wrongly “sexualize” breastfeeding. But she’s also received a lot of support from other women who also milk share. “I know I’m doing the best thing for my babies,” Colletti said. “It’s the healthiest thing for them and no one could sway me or tell me otherwise.”

Breast feeding is some wacky shit man. Its weird. It really is. Somewhere along the way the world decided tits were sexy instead of just a source of food for little babies and now we’re forever fucked up. We can never go back. Those two things are now intertwined and forever tangled like headphones in your pocket. So of course breast feeding gets “sexualized” because there are adults that wanna suck on those titties too. Guys wanna have sex with the same boobs that might feed their children. Its fucking JACKED up man. Theres no way we can put this toothpaste back in the tube though, its too late.

So, we just have to make do. We have to do the best we can with this fucked up, wacky world of breastfeeding. And first step here is to let ONLY your kids suck on your tits. That should be right at the top of the breastfeeding rule book along with places and times you can and cannot breast feed. Matter of fact you could make the argument that it should be number 1.

Breastfeeding Rule Book

1) Dont let your friend’s kids suck on your tits.

That should be like day 1 stuff. It seems kinda weird, right? “Hey man! Those are my mom’s tits! If anyone is gonna suck on them its gonna be ME!” But thats how it works. You cant just turn into like a fucking human water fountain. Letting every kid in the neighborhood have a drink. Keep your tits to yourself and only children that came out of you get to drink. I dont care if his friends are thirsty. I dont care about made up names like “milk siblings.” Only children with your DNA suck on your nipples. Period.

PS – Yes. Would. Shes got a nice rack and you know shes down for some weird stuff.