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Nobody Is Having More Fun At The Little League Classic Than Adley Rutschman And The Orioles

The Orioles and Red Sox are up in Williamsport to play the Little League Classic and it looks so much fun. One of the main attractions is the huge hill that kids slide down using cardboard, you know the Orioles had to get in on it. 

We all held our breath watching Adley Rutschman going down the hill and then hitting us with a sick barrel roll, you can tell he played StarFox. 

We even saw 6’9”, 280 pound Felix Bautista go down the hill and you bet your bottom dollar those kids were watching out to see where he was. You don’t want to be on the other side of a Bautista wipeout. Kind of surprised he didn’t dent the hill as he went down.

Not everyone kept their head on a swivel though, you can see Richie Martin take this kid out as he flew down the hill. It’s a warzone at the bottom of that hill, gotta keep an eye out. Hopefully that kid is alright.

Seriously, doesn‘t this look like a blast? You know the kids loved it too, they’re legit sliding down this hill next to some of the best players in baseball. This is a huge event catered towards kids and it looks like they’re all having a great time. Such a cool event for everyone involved.

And how cool is this? Dillion Tate asking some of the LLWS players for their autograph. Somethings, you guys. Going to be an awesome day in Williamsport and hopefully the Os can show these LLWS kids a thing or two on the field.