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I Love That Chip Kelly Is Apparently A Dictator And Views His Players As "Commodities"


(Source) – The quote below is from an African-American Eagles player, and it puts into perspective something important about Chip Kelly.

“Chip is not a racist. The notion he is isn’t fair. The thing with Chip is he just doesn’t see you as a person. He sees you as a commodity. The more players get that, the better off they’ll be.”

The player added: “Chip’s attitude towards players doesn’t bother me. I actually like it. I know where I stand with him. You understand that he doesn’t want to be challenged so don’t f–king challenge him. It’s pretty simple. I get it. Some guys don’t.”

A second African-American Eagles player said: “He sets the agenda. You don’t follow it, you’re dead to him. That’s not racial. Some guys handle it well, some guys don’t.”

The players declined to be named out of fear of repercussions from Kelly.

Good for these two, anonymous African-American players who were terrified to identify themselves in fear Chip Kelly would waterboard them to hell and back. Yeah, yeah – The whole Tyrant while treating your people as expendable subjects didn’t exactly work out at any point in human history. But we’re talking about a football team here. There should be no Democracy present. On a man to man level Chip has notoriously been human with his players because he’s a damn fine guy (he meets with each man he cuts personally during camp and explains his decision man to man. In the Andy Reid era low level staff would come up to some guys and inform them they’ve been trashed.). But from a football standpoint he should be known as The Furher. No favorites, grab ass, or bullshit, it’s all about the team and it has to be known Chip is the chief. And when things start to get personal that’s when you have guys like Reno Mahe on the team for 20 years just because they went to BYU. And I HATE when NFL players, media, and fans believe the heart should somewhat play into the game and personal decisions. This is a billion dollar BUSINESS. It should be cutthroat to the max. People attribute “heart” and “respect” to why it was such a bad call to let Brian Dawkins walk after the 2008 season. I somewhat agree, but mostly it was a shitty business decision as Dawk went on to be productive in Denver and we were stuck with motherfucking rookie Macho Harris at Safety. The business should always come first.

Chip’s reaction to all of this happy crap (the man just wants to focus on his one true love – Football):