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Panthers Star DJ Moore Is A True Hero For Sparing Us From Yet Another Sloppy Fight Between Fans In The Stands

These types of scuffles happen way too often. I'm not sure if the parties involved in this stifled altercation were under the influence, but that's typically the case. While such videos can be entertaining and create viral content more often than not, I'm 1,000% here for such petty, needless conflicts to be defused before they begin. So thank you, Carolina Panthers star wide receiver DJ Moore, for your discretion and diplomacy in this instance.

Sometimes as a writer you use the word "star" in the headline and readers decry you for being hyperbolic. Well guess what? I shall genuflect at the altar of DJ Moore and not apologize for it. This man has put up three straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons for the Panthers with quarterbacks like...I hate to be *CHECKS NOTES* Trope Guy but...

Giphy Images.

Kyle Allen (12 starts), Teddy Bridgewater (15), Sam Darnold (11), Cam Newton (7), Will Grier (2) and P.J. Walker (2)?? Oh, and ex-offensive coordinator and Joe Burrow/all-time-loaded LSU team coattail rider Joe Brady was fired during last season to exacerbate the already-doomed situation. So don't tell me DJ Moore isn't a star, OK!?

I think I'm getting inebriated on that Panthers punch. That Keep Pounding elixir, mixed with a new quarterback named Baker and a deliciously effective defense has me crunk AF for Carolina. Never did I think I'd hear that word again but here we are.

OK but really. If I thought DJ Moore was a shitty person I'd be less inclined to praise him to this degree, much less give him the star label. But now we know that can't be true. If he's going out of his way to break up fights involving fans supposedly cheering for the same team during training camp…or whatever, the team scrimmage, etc…then I have to think he's a good dude. That's the type of stud pass-catcher you want in your locker room. This guy hasn't aired out his grievances publicly about how putrid the Panthers have been on offense as their desperate, patchwork approach to the all-important quarterback position has been an unmitigated shit show. Moore just keeps going to work, keeps pounding and keeps producing. No surprise he was rewarded with a lucrative, three-year contract extension back in March. Maybe Baker Mayfield will help Moore to his best season yet.

Look I'm just saying…I'll probably have a separate blog about this closer to the season…in my opinion as the resident Bengals guy, if there ever was a team who could be This Year's 2021 Cincinnati Bengals — that is to say, a crazy preseason long shot who stuns everyone — it's the Carolina Panthers.

If Moore and the Panthers' myriad of weapons stay healthy, Baker returns to his late 2020 form and Carolina maintains its elite defense from last year…I'm just saying. Crazier things have happened.

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