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An MMA Fighter HERO Took Down A Man In A New York City Subway That Was Running Around Sucker Punching People

A mixed martial arts fighter sprang into action to subdue a homeless man who was allegedly attacking people in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho shopping district.

Ro Malabanan, who has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a yellow belt in judo, was walking to his boxing instructor job last Wednesday morning when he saw Samuel Frazier sucker-punch a construction worker, the fighter told The Post.

Malabanan, 44, checked in with the victim before running after the suspect and taking him down from behind, the good Samaritan explained to his Instagram followers.

My jiu-jitsu instincts just kicked in. I jumped on his back,” Malabanan said. “He tried to swing me off then — but for those of you in the know — a seatbelt position dragged him down to the floor, and I immediately took his back and pinned him to the ground.”

This guy is the new Batman. A highly skilled, well trained, public servant with balls that drag on the floor next to the bodies he lays out. You want to run around committing assault in broad daylight? Well Eric Adams and Lori Lightfoot might allow that, but not Ro Malabanan. You commit crimes on his watch and it's seatbelt move (whatever that is), back taken, and pinned. You're fucked, bro. Think twice before you punch people near Ro. 

This is a guy who should be given the key to the city, but my guess is that he will end up in court being sued for assault. That is how upside down the world is these days. I am still in shock from seeing the following video over the weekend

I mean WTF?! This is what happens when City policy prevents police officers from pursuing criminals. They just simply drive away and the police are left with no options to stop criminals. Insanity. 

I think we should get our taxes back from the entire Lori Lightfoot era. We pay taxes to the city and it's supposed to be a contract of sorts. We give you our hard earned money and live here in exchange for basic services. The most basic of those is keeping your citizens safe. Seems like a reasonable request, but the City has failed us. Every city has problem areas and I always pushed back against outsiders who flippantly make fun of the murder rate and call Chicago "Chi-raq", but every day it seems like there are less and less truly safe areas. Gunpoint robberies in Old Town, carjackings in Lakeview, assaults in Lincoln Park, River North used to be one of the best areas in the city and it's turning into a place where you have to be very careful at night. So sad. 

We need more guys like Ro, but that is an indication of a fundamental breakdown of city services. You don't want law abiding citizens feeling so scared that they feel as though they need to take measures into their own hands. That can only lead to more problems.