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The Big Winner Of Last Year's Michigan-Ohio State Game Just Might Have Been Luke Fickell

On today's Pardon My Take... LUKE FICKELL! The Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss last year's awesome season, his relationship with Mike Vrabel, the one and only Sauce Gardner, and much more. Fickell also used to be a coach at The Ohio State University, and was even the interim head coach for the Buckeyes in 2011. And until last year, that was actually the most recent time that Michigan beat Ohio State in football. So, in a weird way, was it a good thing for Fickell that the Wolverines finally got the win this year? The guys debated that on today's show...

Mr. Cat: I'm sure that the rivalry is very important to you. But this year, Michigan beats Ohio State - was there a small, maybe 1% of you that was happy, because now, you're not the last time that Michigan beat Ohio State as the interim head coach? Like the human element, you've got to be like, "Finally, people will stop bringing up 2011!"

Luke Fickell: You know what? I never thought about it. I'm glad that you brought that up because last year, we played on a Friday. And then obviously, that game was on Saturday. So, we played Friday night, and actually, it was a great day, we got to sit out back, and I was watching the game with my kids, and I got twin seven year olds, right? And they literally looked at me and said, "Dad, we're rooting for Michigan." I said, "What do you mean?" He's like, obviously, "We want to move ahead," because they were looking at the rankings. And I looked, literally had to look at him and it's like, "No, we don't EVER root for them. What, are you guys crazy? What are we doing? No, that's nuts, that's mom's alma mater." But if I had thought about it like that, I would have been like, "Darn right! Yeah, I don't want to be the last guy to have lost."

Mr. Cat: Yeah, it's a silver lining of like, people will stop bringing up 2011. 

Luke Fickell: I haven't thought about that, thank God. No wonder I stopped getting those text messages and emails. You've got somebody else to send them to now!

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, you're no longer featured in that little graphic that they show on the bottom of the screen every time the game's on that said, "With Interim Coach Luke Fickell."

Luke Fickell: Well, I didn't realize that. Now I know exactly why those messages have stopped coming to me. That's great that they've got somebody else to send them to, awesome.

Never underestimate the craziness of a sports fan, especially at the college level. People will do some wild things, for better or for worse, depending on how their team does. But in this specific case, Luke Fickell has to be feeling pretty good with how last year's Michigan-Ohio State game went.