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The Senate FINALLY Passes The PACT Act After A Weekend of Lies, Misdirection, And Bullshit Temporarily Derailed Lifesaving Medical Care For Veterans

Over the last two months or so, momentum really started to build for this legislation. There were dozens of Veteran Service Organizations that met with Senators, Representatives, and members of the Executive Branch. They, along with subject matter experts and medical providers, fought and fought and fought through red tape and political lies to arrive at the shore of victory. This victory was hard fought. It should have needed to be. 

In June, the same bill passed 84-14 but there was an administrative hold put on the bill. There was a line about the funding coming from a committee of the Senate instead of the House. That's unconstitutional. So, they fixed the administrative error, ADDED NOTHING ELSE, and sent the bill back to the Senate. For reasons unknown, lies and more lies started to come from the 25 members of the GOP who switched their vote because, despite nothing being added, they said that something had been added...and that something COULD cost 400 billion dollars. But they knew it wouldn't because they knew the bill was the same. They lied. They lied and delayed this important life-saving bill for no reason except politics. 

You can see the things that were changed from the 1st bill to the "revised" edition right here. Easy!

If they didn't lie, why vote yes now? Nothing changed since they voted last week. The bill is the same. Why change the vote back if you were concerned about the 400 billion? Probably because the 400 billion wasn't a concern or a thing and it surely wasn't a "slush fund" added at the 11th hour. I had this thought on Sunday as well but I guess they just voted again. That's how they admitted it. Unreal. I guess you don't have to act ashamed of your bullshit actions when your shamelessly political footballing failed miserably. Whatever reason they switched back, I'm glad they did because hundreds of thousands deserve better care. 

The Veteran Service Organizations including the Vietnam Veterans of America, The American Legion, The VFW, DAVA, IAVA, Minority Vets, The Wounded Warrior Project, and for damn sure BurnPit360 had their members sleeping on the steps of the Capitol since last Thursday. Rain or shine, they were out there. They were protesting, tweeting, connecting, and showing that the veterans who served in these wars won't take their brothers and sisters dying from rare diseases without any hope of timely medical care and benefits. 

The PACT Act doesn't just help the Post 9/11 veterans. It will help all veterans regardless of the generation the member served. The PACT Act will provide for 23 presumptive connections for Veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxins. The Act will also include new benefits for Veterans who were exposed to radiation during the Cold War. Things like hypertension and monoclonal gammopathy will be added to the list of presumptive conditions for Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War and so on.

The PACT Act also helps veterans exposed to burn pits who have struggled to connect conditions to their exposure to the toxic burn pits. The conditions resulting from exposure may not manifest for years or even a decade plus after being stationed in one of the countries that used burn pits to get rid of the trash. In addition to the financial compensation, Veterans will also be able to receive healthcare from their service. The PACT Act would seek to add 31 major medical clinics across the country and employ thousands more claims processors and health care professionals so that the backlog of applications and claims can be reduced in a timely matter. 

All of this should be a no-brainer. It wasnt. But, it's over now after a 86-11 vote. Thank god. Now the President just has to stay awake long enough to sign it. You can do it, Mr. President! You're strong enough to sign your name! Show that paper who's boss!

PS: of course, political "gamesmanship" happens in both parties. That gamesmanship should not come on the backs or lungs of veterans waiting to get the medical care that could save their life, make their lives easier, or provide financial stability for their families. The Senate should be a place for serious business. It wasn't a serious place for our veterans who are dealing with deadly illnesses at an astronomical rate. 

PSS: We would have had this exact tone if the other party did this. On ZBT, we shit on Biden. We shit on Trump. We shit on Democrats. We shit on Republicans. The 25 GOP Senators deserved the smoke they got all week. It's as simple as that.

PSSS: "We didn't want anything that wasnt related to veterans in the Bill." But then… more games. Pathetic.

In a world full of Rand Paul's, be a John Tester instead so your amendment doesn’t get swatted down 93-7 because it’s dumb as shit.