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Recreating The Greatest Promos Ever: Fantasy Files


The old Fantasy Files commercials are the greatest promos of all-time. Powerade had their bits with Michael Vick throwing it out of the stadium and LeBron hitting a full-court shot with regular form, but they had no staying power. Once these ones dropped, it was game over. Not only because Fantasy Football was taking off at the time and because Powerade wasn't nearly the drink that Gatorade was. But it was a cool way to get to know the players. Some of them looked so good you had to ask yourself, "is that real?"

One of my favorite was Chris Simms. Not only because as a Buccaneers fan, he was my Quarterback, but this one I genuinely believed wasn't edited.



Well with the return of Fantasy Football Factory, I decided to have a little fun and bring back these suckers. This week, we're previewing Quarterbacks for the upcoming fantasy season, so I decided to relive that old Chris Simms video.



You can watch the 2022 Fantasy Football Factory QB Preview below or listen on Spotify or iTunes. We'll be coming out with positional previews every Tuesday leading up to the NFL season and then going LIVE on Sundays to let you know where we see value in the Barstool Sportsbook on Player Props as well as help you out with key Start Em/Sit Em fantasy questions. So be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Sportsbook YouTube to catch it all! Next week, I'll drop a new Fantasy Files video for our Runningbacks preview. And if you have any fantasy questions for Mintzy & I, hit us up in the DMs and we'll answer in exchange for a 5-star review on iTunes.