Crimsix Flips Off Minnesota Rokkr! The New York Subliners Pulled Off A Legendary Comeback That Sent Their Home Crowd In A Frenzy! Recapping All The Chaos Of CDL Major IV Day 1

I don't even know where to begin! Yesterday was one of the most chaotic days in a Competitive Call of Duty Major that I can remember.

So let's start from the top: this weekend is the Call of Duty League (CDL) Major IV. It's in King's Theatre in Brooklyn, with the New York Subliners being the home team. Up to this point, the New York Subliners have failed to get one single win at a Major. So the stakes were high and they needed to finally pull off a win in front of their home crowd.

The energy in the venue was simply unmatched. Reading this, you'd be shocked at the passion of esports fans. The venue was ROARING during the NYSL intros.

However, the Subliners immediately found themselves down 0-2 in the series (which also helped me hit one of my 4 bets on the Barstool Sportsbook). 

(Minnesota Rokkr +1.5✅)

So naturally, Minnesota Rokkr's Standy started talking some shit:

Anddddd from this point, New York went on an absolute tear. 


They won the next 3 maps and completed the reverse sweep which sent the crowd into absolute pandemonium!

This was a significant win for the Subliners, because not only did they want to win in front of their home crowd, but to qualify for CoD Champs (the Super Bowl of Call of Duty) they need to win as many games as possible in this Major. If they were to lose today and tomorrow, they wouldn't qualify for Champs and this year would be considered an utter disaster,

BUT the dream is still alive and I can't wait to see how lively this crowd is during their next match on Saturday against the Florida Mutineers.

My Interview with Crimsix and Hydra


Toronto Ultra vs London Royal Ravens

This was the very first matchup of the day! Ultra vs Ravens. 

Ravens were coming into this series red hot and that's exactly how they started. But similar to Rokkr, they weren't able to close out the series and ended up getting reverse swept by Toronto Ultra. Madness to kickoff Major IV!

Toronto Ultra ML (-118)✅

Florida Mutineers vs Boston Breach

The second match of the day was Boston Breach vs the Florida Mutineers. This was a revenge game for Vivid, who was dropped by Florida and later picked up by Boston. Similar story to the first match - Florida goes out ahead 2-0 and then can't seem to put away Boston Breach. Boston ends up forcing a game 5 but is not able to clutch up when they need to. Florida take the series 3-2.

Florida/Boston O 4.5 Maps ✅

Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Thieves

On paper this should have been the most seamless matchup of the entire series. FaZe was approximately a -400 favorite entering the action today. However, the Los Angeles Thieves came out guns BLAZING and took it right to the #1 team in Call of Duty. Thieves win the series 3-1 and sent Atlanta FaZe into the loser's bracket.


After the match, I got the chance to interview Kenny and Drazah:

Atlanta FaZe -1.5 ❌

Utter madness to end Major IV Day 1! Up tomorrow, we have OpTic playing and the Seattle Surge, who won Major III. Any team that loses tomorrow will be sent home. So hearts will certainly be broken…

I'll be covering the event live from the King's Theatre - follow my twitter for updates!