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Ferrari Is Back! Carlos Sainz Wins His First Career Formula 1 Grand Prix In Silverstone At The 2022 British Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz wins his first Formula 1 Grand Prix at the 2022 British Grand Prix! This was a huge comeback for Ferrari after struggling in the last few races.

The 2022 British Grand Prix started off with a bang! On the first turn, there was a really crazy crash causing multiple cars to DNF straightaway. Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo) got the worst of it, but thankfully he's deemed fit and was released from the medical facility.

Scary moments to say the least. If you wanna read more about the crash, click here or below:

George Russell got fucked over by the crash. Went to check on Zhou because he was so worried, which led to him DNFing from the race:

For the most part, the next 30-odd laps were uneventful. Verstappen began losing grip in his tyres causing him to drop down to 8th. 

Eventually, he was overtaken by Alex Ocon (Alpine) who then suffered some sort of hydraulics issue. This caused him to stop his car on the track and bring out a safety car:

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton was having an unbelievable race. The king looked like he was back on his throne. 

Setting a fastest lap every single lap and pushing the newly upgraded Mercedes as much as he could. George Russell was one of the cars that was forced to DNF after the lap 1 incident, so Lewis' performance was massive for the Mercedes team.

He was driving so well and eventually took first place in the race after Leclerc pitted. Having to change his tyres, Hamilton pitted on lap 34, 5 laps before the safety car was deployed for Ocon. This caused him to give the P1 position back to Ferrari's Charles Leclerc.

Following the safety car, the order was Leclerc, Sainz and Hamilton. Ferrari team orders were trying to tell Sainz to back all the cars up to give Leclerc some space at the restart. Sainz wasn't having any of it and wanted the chance to win this race for himself. So right after the restart, he went for it and successfully overtook his teammate:

The next few laps were some of the most incredible racing I've ever seen! Perez overtook Leclerc, who then got overtook by Hamilton! Leclerc then fought back and regained position. Perez kept fighting and to maintain position - it was utter back and forth madness.

Listen to the Silverstone crowd go INSANE:

Prior to the restart, it appeared like the safety car would ultimately benefit Hamilton and give him a true chance to win this race. Ultimately, that wasn't the case as Hamilton secures the podium in 3rd place. 

Regardless, it was an amazing race for Sir Lewis and it truly shows that the upgrades to the Mercedes have made this car very competitive again! As an F1 fan, it couldn't be more exciting to have three separate teams battling for first. 

It's safe to say it - Mercedes is back!

In other news, Mick Schumacher was finally able to secure his first Formula 1 points!

The McGregor curse has finally been broken

In the end, it was a Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton podium. 

Checo continues to show his reliability for Red Bull. It was a great performance by him after Max began to lose tyre grip.

 Verstappen finished P7, right in front of Schumacher.

British Grand Prix Results

We'll be back next weekend at the Austrian Grand Prix! As always, push push.