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Cancelling Plans Is The Best Feeling One Can Experience

On the last episode of the bracket, we debated the BEST FEELINGS that one can experience. There were the obvious choices like busting a nut and all that, but the nontraditional pick of cancelling plans had my vote through-and-through. Specifically when someone else cancels the plans you didn't want to go to anyway. I think there are 2 huge factors that make it the best. 

1. You don't have to go somewhere you didn't want to go in the first place. For me, this is almost exclusively plans that were set by a significant other. That sweet relief knowing that you don't have to go to some gimmicky, overpriced shithole that she saw on Tiktok or whatever is truly the best. 

2. Once that relief passes, there is now a feeling of excitement of what you can do with that free time instead. It could be hanging out with the fellas or, more likely, laying on the couch and watching sports/playing video games. Either way, you win.