You Shouldn’t Have To Wait 500 Years To Dig Someone Up From Their Grave

Today on Zero Blog 30, we talked about this wild story where farmers in England once imported hundreds of thousands of mummified cats in order to chop them up and use them as fertilizer. Along with the mummified cats, the researchers found human remains as well.

Now, when it comes to digging up or opening up graves or tombs, there’s basically two schools of thought.

1. It’s bad. These people deserve to have their eternal rest without interruption. You can’t just nudge them and cause their eternal future to be left in peril because you separated their skull from their fluid-less spines. Leave them alone! (Unless bones turn into money)

2. They are dead. Who gives a fuck?

To me, the truth lies somewhere in the middle but it doesn’t take 500 years. You’re telllin me we can’t dig up Thomas Jefferson? Please. Pass me the shovel. That old wigged bird needs to wake up to see the fruits of his labor. 

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