Patrick Queen Once Triggered The Wrath Of Joe Burrow When He Accidentally Hit Him In LSU Spring Practice

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This hilarious tale that just proves YET AGAIN why Joe Burrow is different comes courtesy of the YouTube channel Jukes, in an interview conducted by Trevor Trout with ex-LSU and current Los Angeles Chargers d-lineman Breiden Fehoko. 

Although they're rivals now in the AFC North, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen and Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow were once teammates at LSU. During a fateful spring practice day, wherein obviously the quarterback is not supposed to get hit, Queen gave chase to Burrow and, as Fehoko put it, "overreaches". Guess what the hyper-competitive Joey B. did? He fought back.

"It's crazy, like, usually you hit a quarterback, the o-line's fighting and stuff. The first person to throw a punch was Joe! And then after that…he was like, 'No fuck that. Keep him out, we're gonna finish this period.' Diced us up."

I keep wondering every day when Joe Burrow will get less cool. Starting to think it will never happen. LSU was searching for a good quarterback for many years before Burrow arrived in Baton Rouge, fresh off three seasons of not even playing at Ohio State due to a loaded QB room. Burrow had a decent first year starting, then blew up as a Heisman Trophy recipient, led the Tigers to the natty, and now in Cincinnati, has led the Bengals to a Super Bowl appearance in only his second NFL season.

Would love to see Queen take a shot at him — or more accurately, fuck it, let's start the Ravens trash talk. Queen ranked 82nd out of 83 linebackers in Pro Football Focus' grades as a rookie. Last season, he was 74th out of 80 qualifiers in pass coverage. Pretty sure Joey B., the dude who led the NFL in completion rate and yards per attempt in 2021, now with a much better o-line protecting him, will have no problem picking on Queen time and again when he sees that matchup at the top of his dropbacks.

Not to single out Queen too much there, because I doubt Baltimore will want to put him in that predicament often since it's not a strength of his. The Ravens better figure something out, however, considering Burrow lit them up for 416 and 525 yards respectively in two starts this past year.

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