Charles Barkley Doesn't Know How To Work A Phone Or TikTok And That's Exactly How It Should Be

Frankly, I'd be appalled if this went any other way. The fact Chuck starts the video off with the loud 'hey' and follows it up with the phone about 3 feet too low is ideal. You think Chuck gives a damn about taping someone correctly? No. He's Charles Barkley. He uses his phone to set up golf outings and that's about it. He 100% uses the text that's so big you can read it from 20 feet behind him. I don't want Chuck to understand how to turn around the camera or fully understand cell phones. I want him to look like everyone's father during a Sunday morning FaceTime. 

Oh and that Tik thing? You think he has time to learn about TikTok? I don't think so. And I know people will say he might be a little banged up in this video? Allegedly, that has nothing to do with it. This is just Chuck being Chuck and why he's a national treasure. My only complaint is this wasn't during Inside the NBA season so we could hear Ernie, Shaq and Kenny Smith make fun of him as he giggles for an hour. 

You knew you were in for a good video when he starts it with 'what do you need me to do?' when there are very specific instructions. Hit record on a video for her, Chuck. That was it. The look of a man who completed his first ever Tik thing.