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Absolutely magnificent shit out of Anaheim right now. Jesse Winker is going full Amir Garrett and ready to fight the entire state of California. Good for him. I’m not a huge California guy and that’s entirely geography and nothing to do with the people or policies. I’m talking pure environmental contributions. Sell that place down the river but same time then you got a massively polluted river.

Anyways god bless Jesse Winker. Teams should get a bonus for carrying at least one but no more than two Jesse Winker type personalities. Maybe a steroid exception for a rookie reliever or just more cash to pay the beer vendors. Somebody cook something up. World needs more Jesse’s. We’ll be talking about this on Starting 9 obviously so don’t be stupid and forget to subscribe. Jake loves this kinda shit.

Ps - love Rendon throwing the left because he’s notorious for not being the biggest baseball guy. Just more of a casual down to earth dude who just wants to sit back and relax and be sweet. Then Winker talks some shit and he’s in the middle of it with the cast on and everything. That’s our kinda guy.