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Heat Land Potential NBA Draft Steal Nikola Jovic, Who Should Watch His Six Around Markieff Morris Just To Be Safe

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

The NBA Draft gets pretty fucking dry once the lottery picks are finished unless we're talking WAGs content or silly-ass, predominantly trivial trades. Sure, every now and then you get the odd Bruno "Two Years Away From Being Two Years Away" Caboclo situation, or some unavoidable, heartwarming human interest story on one of the prospects. But a unique wrinkle toward the end of Round 1 came when the Miami Heat drafted Serbia's Nikola Jovic 27th overall.

My favorite part of all this are the jokes rolling in about Heat forward Markieff Morris, who got into a scuffle with the Denver Nuggets' back-to-back league MVP last season and missed significant time because of it. That led to some (pun intended) HEATED EMOTIONS.

Alright you Heat sticklers, I KNOW MARKIEFF MORRIS IS A FREE AGENT, OK!?!? I don't care. This is fucking classic.

I can't wait for all the Jovic-Jokic confusion in general next season and beyond. Most of time I wouldn't put much stock in a late first-round pick like Jovic actually contributing as a rookie to a Heat team who was one win away from the NBA Finals. It's possible that Jovic is a season away from making a true impact. 

On the other hand, he's a 6-foot-10 playmaker who can create his own shot, work off the ball at an advanced level, pass extremely well, and give Miami some much-needed spacing in its frontcourt rotation. One look at this guy's highlight reel and you can see him gushing with offensive upside.

Landing in Miami is pretty much the best-case scenario for Jovic. The Heat desperately need size, skill and scoring on offense, all of which the 19-year-old provides in spades. Jovic needs to work hard on his defense. That's what Miami specializes in, and that #HeatCulture under Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra should get Jovic in optimal condition to make quick strides on that end of the floor.