Dan Snyder Has Been Subpoenaed To Appear In Front Of The Congressional Oversight Committee



As expected, the congressional hearing with Goodell today is mostly a flop. It's Ms. Maloney saying what we all know- that Snyder is responsible for a toxic work environment, allowed sexual harassment under his watch, and was not held accountable by the league. Goodell is doing what we all knew he would do- say the same dumb shit over and and over again, protect Snyder, and say he fined Snyder $10 million.

Rep. Maloney wasn't satisfied with that though, and she was a bit peeved Snyder didn't show up today to speak for himself.



So now Snyder "has" to show up next week. I put "has" in quotes because from my Twitter scrolling, they cannot force him to appear, I think. And if he does, he'll just lie. I mean, what do they think he'll do, admit he is a fucked up pervert? Nah, lizard people like Goodell and Snyder just lie. They aren't intimidated by "being under oath". 

We'll see what happens. Should be a really, really interesting week.