Deshaun Watson Has Settled 20 Of The 24 Civil Lawsuits Filed Against Him

Well this is interesting news, but I'm not sure it's going to change anyone's opinion on the topic. Those that found him guilty from Day 1 will say innocent people don't settle, and those that have said it's a money grab will say the so-called victims were just in it for the cash. This news will only strengthen everybody's take that they've already dug their heels into.

But you know me, as I've said from Day 1, he's the new franchise quarterback of the Cleveland Browns so what I care about here is then possible suspension of a guy we traded 3 first round picks and blew up our already shaky organization for. That's really what this news centers around. 

Aside from it meaning that Deshaun Watson just lost a nice chunk of that beautiful $230 million fully guaranteed deal he signed, I'm not sure how this impacts his looming suspension. Obviously the "so much for clearing his name" crowd has already emerged on Twitter as the dominant voice, but I think anyone with a brain realizes he had no other choice here. Even being proven innocent in a court of law wouldn't shift the mindset of the majority of people, so this is the best way to try and put all of this behind him and return to the football field quickest. 20 of the 24 cases will no longer be commented on. While settlements certainly don't scream innocence, that has to be looked at as a positive for Deshaun Watson moving forward.

Regardless, the NFL doesn't need criminal charges or settlements to determine someone broke their conduct policy. While I think today's news definitely helps decrease the suspension because the court of public opinion can no longer say he has 24 cases against him, anyone that thinks it just wipes it all away is crazy. I am officially altering my prediction from a full year to 8 games (after being reduced). I think the NFL takes it easier on Deshaun because he settled, and I must say, I'm not too sure the NFL didn't have a hand in these settlements either. 

I could certainly see a situation where the NFL talked to Deshaun after concluding their investigation and said hey buddy, you're looking at a Trevor Bauer type situation here unless you can get some of this to go away. We're going to have to go 1-2 years with everything still being open and new information coming out daily, but if you can settle, we might manage to cut it to 12 games, perhaps reduced to 8 upon appeal. The fact of the matter is that while it's still going to be a circus surrounding the Browns and Deshaun for many years to come, knocking out 20 of the 24 cases this morning helps everyone involved on the NFL's side.

So there's my take...and here's my questions:

- What type of settlement do we think each woman got? I have no knowledge on this stuff. $50K? $100K?

- When will the suspension finally come out? Folks we're about to hit July. The Browns deserve to know if their QB1 taking all the reps is out for a calendar year.

- What happens with the remaining 4 women? The original accuser, who appeared on HBO, still hasn't settled. Does that mean she's holding out for court, or she wants a bigger settlement offer?