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It Took Me One Game To Fall In Love With Ole Miss Baseball

Going to the College World Series in Omaha is a bucket list item. It's something I think every baseball fan at some point wants to do before their life is over. I would've liked to go on this trip regardless, but knowing that Ole Miss was going to be in Omaha and I was going to see Ben Mintz in his element surrounded by Rebels fans made this thing all the more enticing. I mean this in the best way possible, but watching a college baseball game from Omaha feels like you're on a different planet compared to where I grew up. I knew the atmosphere in Omaha would be intense and electric, but I figured it would be akin to a crucial regular-season Major League Baseball game. Nah, I was way off. This shit felt more like a college football game than anything else. I think it's why I've been so exhausted these last two days. I don't know if I was built for this.

I think the last words anyone would ever use to describe me is "level headed." With that said, when I'm watching a baseball game, I take in a baseball game. You can't do that with a College World Series game. You have got to get into it, and it's hard not to, especially when the person you're sitting next to for the entire game is Ben Mintz. To say that Ben Mintz was in his element last night is like saying that the 1992 Dream Team was in their element during the Olympics that year. He existed on a different plane than everyone else. And how can you not? Ole Miss hauled ass through that game. The bats came alive once against, and this Hunter Elliott kid is a guy to look out for. I loved watching him toss the ball last night. He's 19 years old and has dominated the competition so far in the NCAA tournament. Ole Miss is now on the verge of something unprecedented. And for the sake of their Fanbase and for Ben Mintz, I hope they finish this thing.

Some people like to go to different countries or try different cuisines. I like to go to different ballparks, and last night's game was so chock-full of Ole Miss fans that it's hard not to be endeared by it. I'm still not entirely sure what Hotty Toddy means. I don't care at this point. I don't need to know. It's kind of like finding out what was in the briefcase in "Pulp Fiction." Some things are better left unsaid. It's better just to enjoy it. I did not expect to get as into these games as I have been. Maybe because of the Major League Baseball team that I root for, I forgot what it feels like to watch competitive baseball, but I figured I would take it all in stride and just enjoy it. But I'm into it now. This is baseball heaven.