Company Takes Employees On A Fire Walking Retreat And Needed To Call Ten Ambulances Because Of The Carnage To Said Employees’ Feet Due To The Aforementioned Fire Walking

Walking barefoot across hot coals, an ancient religious ritual popularized in recent years as a corporate team-building exercise, has once again bonded a group of co-workers through the shared suffering of burned feet.

In the latest case of the stunt going wrong, 25 employees of a Swiss ad agency were injured Tuesday evening while walking over hot coals in Zurich, officials said. Ten ambulances, two emergency medical teams and police officers from multiple agencies were deployed to help.. Thirteen people were briefly hospitalized.

“We very much regret the incident and we are doing everything we can to ensure that our employees get well again quickly,” Michi Frank, the chief executive of the company, Golbach, said. The company declined to provide more details of the event.

I love the appreciate this from ole Michi Frank. We very much regret the incident is exactly what you need to say after 10 of your employees get their feet burned off at a company fire walking event. That’s what you call leadership. In today episode, we talk about regrettable decisions that led to me getting 2nd degree burns on the roof of my mouth.