Don't Make Fun Of Billy Corgan's T-Shirts, He'll Confront You At Game 7 Of The World Series

Smashing Pumpkins' lead singer Billy Corgan has been a focal point of conversation on our music podcast On The Guest List since we really started getting the ball rolling on it about a year ago when Kenny Carkeet of Awolnation joined in with us. For some reason, we all have personal stories about chance encounters with him, myself included. A lot of our guests do too and none were better than Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney. 

Think about it... it's game 7 of the World Series. You're watching two teams that haven't won DICK for championships in like 150 combined baseball seasons (probably more like 170) and Billy Corgan, a pretty fucking well respected musician, walks up to you and demands and apology for making fun of his choice of T-shirts. 

I woulda prolly Cusack'd his ass and told him to worry about the game and not his wardrobe. Putting wardrobes in front of the game you're watching makes you a fake fan or some shit. Idk.

Nevertheless - go and check out our entire interview with Patrick Carney. He was great. Stories for days about living life as the most down to earth, normal rock star navigating his way through the world of music. I mean, the guy just had Billy Gibbons, a God of rock and roll music, featured on his band's latest album, "Dropout Boogie":

And this album is OUTSTANDING if you haven't listened to it. Just quintessential modernized blues that the Black Keys have completely mastered over the last 20 years. If you haven't listened yet, throw it on immediately. 

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Oh and we have another monster guest coming on the show this week. Typically I don't promote guests until after the show is recorded because schedules can change, but I don't care on this one. This week's guest is this guy named O'Shea Jackson, Sr. You may have heard of him via his stage name of "Ice Cube". He had a couple pretty popular songs like 30 years ago. I guess he was in movies too or some shit.

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