Terrifying: The Key To The Knicks Future Is Now Apparently The Sacramento Kings

Well ... shit. This is terrifying because I don't trust the Kings to do the right thing. I don't trust the Kings to do the remotely smart thing. It's not exactly a secret that the Knicks have 1 of 2 goals this offseason. Trade up for Ivey or land Jalen Brunson. It's also not a secret that the No. 4 pick has been on the trade table since the Kings got it in the lottery. Everyone want to jump up there because the Kings don't need another guard - though that won't stop them from drafting him I'm sure. 

Now as the original NBA Draft guy around these parts, I have to say it makes sense. It's a 4-person top draft. That's not to say someone in the teens won't end up as the best player or Rookie of the Year, etc. But the top-4 is tier 1. Paolo, Jabari, Chet and Ivey all in some order make up that top tier. Only one is a lead guard though. That's why the Kings hold so much power right now. 

Why do I say they control the Knicks future? Because of that. The Knicks are desperate to land a lead guard. If they miss out on trading up for Ivey then it's all in on Brunson. Miss out on that and it's another year of trying to figure it out and hope for the next go round. That's what's annoying. 

Also Woj dropping this right before last night's Finals is why he's Woj. Everyone focused on Game 6, Woj is going to zag and talk about the Draft. Veteran move. Has me ready for next Thursday. I'm already nervous to see what happens and if the Knicks make a move. In Leon we trust.