Cops Find A Gun In A Woman’s Yaknow (Cooch) After Booking Her On Mething While Driving Charges

After initiating a traffic stop, officer Friar noticed the driver, identified as 49-year-old Sheila Gail Smitty, had dilated pupils and was sweating profusely.

She admitted to being on probation for drug related charges but denied having any narcotics inside the vehicle or on her person. 

Miss Smitty gave officer Friar consent to search the vehicle and her purse.

While the officer was conducting the search, Miss Smitty took it upon herself to begin emptying out her pockets - placing several 22 caliber bullets and a baggie on top of the car, that contained a Suboxone pill and a Suboxone strip.

Smitty was placed under arrest and transported to the Macon County Jail. 

As standard practice during the booking process, Smitty was X-rayed by the corrections staff, and what they discovered was shocking. 

Inside of her vaginal cavity was what appeared to be a gun and two baggies.

Now, I understand this story might be a little bit of a shock. After all, not all vaginas are big enough to carry weapons inside, especially a gun. But, this woman somehow managed to stick a full gun in there but a couple of other accouterments in there. Impressive. 

We start the conversation in Round 2 at 15:56 or you can just click here. The story is wild.