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A Manager Set Gas Prices To 69 Cents A Gallon At His Gas Station And Was Promptly Fired After Losing $16,000 In A Matter Of Hours

(Source)- A Rancho Cordova gas station manager who accidentally set his pumps at just 69 cents a gallon is speaking out after being fired. “Well, it was a mistake that I did, you know,” said former gas station manager John Szczecina. Szczecina accidentally put a decimal in the wrong spot and began selling the $6.99 gas for just 69 cents. 

It cost the gas station $16,000 and it cost Szczecina his job. “And I thought, ‘this is a nightmare,’” Szczecina said. “I put all three prices on there except the diesel, but the last one kind of didn’t go, you know, right.” People started posting the low price on social media and calling friends and family. The lines formed fast to guzzle it up.

As the saying goes every Black Monday of the NFL season, you never like to see someone lose their job. That is usually uttered by fans and talking heads in the media before they immediately list off a myriad of reasons why that coach was fired along with 10 coaches that should replace him before the hot seat he was sitting on even gets cold. However, John Szczecina getting axed for a simple mistake is a true travesty in a world filled with them. 

Yeah yeah yeahhhhh, I know that he lost the place he worked thousands upon thousands of dollars. But isn't the reason God created erasers is because people make mistakes? Whom amongst us hasn't screwed around on company time and cost the company a few bucks because they were filling out NCAA Tourney brackets, nursing a massive hangover, or didn't move the decimal to the right price on the pricing gun?

All John did was give the customers of that Shell station a little glimpse of happiness and hope during a time when there isn't a whole hell of a lot of it around by gifting them not only cheap gas but cheap PREMIUM gas at a cheap and funny price.

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Again, I get that the gas station took a quick financial hit. But guess what dickheads? There isn't a person on the planet that isn't getting fucked. Not in the fun 69 way where both people get theirs. But the way where one person is clearly dominating the other.

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Gas stations are the lovely young lady with shades on in this example while the consumer is the faceless person bending over

I guarantee that gas station will make their money back from the people returning thanks to the fleeting moment of happiness they felt in their wallet and funny bone in 2022 instead of going to the BP across the street for 3 cents less. Heroes like John Szczecina should be celebrated, not fired. Or at least not in charge of putting the numbers in the pump prices, which seems wayyyyy too easy to screw up.

Get that man a new job or at least put him in a commercial with the one man that still finds 69 jokes to help him make some money while he looks for a new gig.

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