The Eagles Have Changed Their Team Font To A Boring Robot Font And Everyone Is Being Very Chill About It

Honestly when someone first tagged me in this I thought it was a troll job:

Going from black, green and white with 3-D shadowed lettering plus the sharp ass edges to… bland, white, slightly italics? Boooo. Are they trying to save on t-shirt printing costs? And it doesn't match with the Eagle above it at all like the old font did. Do we really want to match the vibe of these losers:

Clearly I'm not alone:


You heard the egg avatar… robots on the field. 

Ok, just a couple more for doom & gloom purposes:

Selflessly I'm on board with all the fans calling to bring back this font, even though my skin looks terrible in Kelly green. 

Whatever the case, the branding/marketing staff on the Eagles better settle in for a lifetime of hell because this is absolutely not something that will blow over & be completely forgotten about any time soon. (Unless you consider 'probably tomorrow-ish soon.)