The Video Of What Fake Klay Did To Get Banned From The Chase Center Doesn't Make A Lick Of Sense

So I blogged this story yesterday: 

Now the video emerged and it feels even fishier. I don't doubt that he was actually banned from the facilities. But come on. Security not checking ID's? Security thinking Klay shows up in full uniform? Okay, that one may be a little believable. But how about the camera guy? You think Klay is always just walking in with a dude filming him while in full uniform? I don't think so. 

Then there's the shooting. Decent shot but this is why he's fake Klay. Airballing a layup? That's sad. I don't care how many edited threes you make, you can't airball a layup. That's how you blow your cover. That's how everyone in the world knows you're fake Klay. The man is a massive YouTube star, so that's why I'm smelling around something fishy. 

Like I said in the original blog, you can't ban the guy for life. He's part of the run. I don't care if the Warriors won game 5. You need him in case of game 7. That said, I want a full investigation into this video.