Last Place Finisher In Fantasy League Gets Dinner For Two With Giant Winnie The Pooh

Poor Chris. This is a very funny fantasy football punishment. We've seen tons of great punishments including those of the physical variety (getting tattoos, fighting in RnR), embarrassing tasks (panhandling, a dude wearing a full dress and makeup while holding a sign saying he got last place at a sporting event), and much more. But I like this one a lot because it was well planned. Chris was initially extremely embarrassed for an hour or so amongst a set group of strangers. They even went as far to call attention to the table by getting the staff to sing happy birthday to Chris.

The pictures, video, and humiliation will live on forever. Instead of his buddies getting a few chuckles for an hour and probably ruining the event, it's been immortalized and can live on forever. It's now going viral on twitter and this now becomes a much more humiliating punishment that will live on the internet forever. Kudos to Chris for being a good sport about everything.

Chris' thoughts on the date via his buddy Zack's twitter:

“I feel like it’s like a bad blind date episode with a crickets sound effect playing”

Hopefully nobody reading this will finish in last place in their league and I can probably help you out with that. Mintzy and I will be bringing back Fantasy Football Factory episodes beginning in July to get you ready for your draft. You may want to tune in to get some sage nuggets like this that could win your your league. Subscribe here.