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This Week's Obi-Wan Kenobi Was...Ummm...Oof

Bob Fox and I are back in the basement, this time to talk about Episode 4 of Obi-Wan Kenobi, which I admittedly didn't love.

Now I know the infamous saying "Nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans" and every single project gets held up to the unrealistic expectations set by the original. But I think we can all agree that this episode was meh at best and cringey at worst, right? Especially coming off an unhinged Vader appearance where he is fucking up people of all ages to get to his old master.

I can live with Obi-Wan doing his best Mando impression while trying to keep a Force sensitive child alive as long as we are avoiding the Star Wars trope of being in Tattooine or the hyperdrive failing at the exact wrong moment. But watching a 10-year-old get inquisitored by an Inquistor about the Jedi Underground Railroad she passed by for a second was tough to watch, as was O'Shea Jackson saying he would never fight the Empire then immediately changing his mind after being told that the Empire is bad. 

However the moment that made me squirm was Obi-Wan hitting us with a move out of Scoobie Doo.

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There were some parts we liked along with some parts that crushed us, namely the all too soon death of Wade, who we may not have known or loved but god dammit did we know his name was WADE!

RIP In Peace Wade

So check out our breakdown above or in podcast form below then say a prayer for the Wades after the loss of their son (Yes, I have named him Wade Wade in my head canon) and let's hope we get two bangers to end this season.