CJ Stroud Made A "Game Day Decision" To Switch From A Free $150K Bentley To A Free $200K Mercedes G Wagon

Remember the time when Jim Tressell had to resign, Terrelle Pryor got suspended, Ohio State got cancelled, and the Buckeyes had to miss a bowl game during a season in which they went undefeated all because some players got free tattoos? Oh how the times have changed. And I want reparations as an Ohio State fan. That is my #1 takeaway from this story. I'll get to Stroud in a minute, but first, I want the wrongs to be rectified. I spent my freshman year at Ohio State going 12-0 and not getting able to win a National Championship because the NCAA came down harder on what was objectively the least important scandal in world history. We've had boosters (and OBJ) handing out cash. We've had rape allegations covered up. We've had tutors taking tests. But my goodness, thank god we've only had one free tattoo situation. I don't think the world could handle another one.


Okay I thought getting this off my chest would help, but now I just want to rant even more. Looking back, the two biggest overreactions in the history of planet Earth will be how people had to play flutes with masks on during Covid, and then how the Buckeyes were treated over tattoo gate. Okay, back to Stroud.

- Does he have to pay taxes on this? I'm not saying it sucks to be CJ Stroud. I would drive a $200K Mercedes as well if I could, but if I were able to receive NIL deals, mine would consist of cold hard cash 100x out of 100. 

- I think it's hilarious that he made a "game day decision" on this. My game day decisions used to consist of Natty Light or Busch, and now they consist of 12 wings or 18. His consist of a $150K free car or a $200K free car.

- He can sub this out every 45 days. That's insane. I have my Honda Civic for the next 10 years minimum, rest of my life maximum.

- And finally, who is this guy in the reflection of CJs picture and why is he so salty?