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Hank Didn't Shoot His Shot, But He Did The Next-Best Thing...HIT 'EM WITH THE MELO FAKE

The ball ricocheted to courtside-seated Handsome Hank during Game 3 of the NBA Finals. He went up for the shot AND...oh no he didn't!! 

Yeah, Hank went there. A callback to the famous Carmelo Anthony shot fake while he was in attendance for Dwyane Wade's final game at Barclays Center in 2019.

This was pretty well-played in the moment by Hank. Jordan Poole was asking for the ball to get it up the court. If you shoot and miss — which, from out of bounds and way beyond the arc, is very possible especially when you're rushed into it —it's a delay in the action and it's embarrassing.

But damn, gotta say, Big Cat has a strong counterpoint here.

I don't know Hank personally but respect levels were already very high. This is an all-time moment right here. THE CELTICS ARE THE BALLS. Now someone go check on Greenie to make sure he's still breathing to write the Game 3 recap with a guaranteed CAPS LOCK HEADLINE ABOUT THE CELTICS BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF THE WARRIORS OR SOMETHING.

Here's the full synthesis of the Melo-Hank maneuver: