Woman Fires Off 1 Billion Tweet Thread Lecturing People To Stop Being Rude To Adult Disney Fans Who Skipped Food and Drinks At Their Wedding To Pay Mickey and Minnie Mouse For a 30 Minute Appearance

Jodi I'll tell you what, as a religion studies professor you may tell me anything you'd like about Disney World and the research you're doing there — absolutely anything, anything at all, no Disney-related research topic is off limits. From one American to another I not only give you permission to exercise your freedom of speech, I actively encourage it.  In fact I actually must INSIST you tell me, tell me everything you came here to say, tell me every single reason you've got on why we must cease and desist from pathologizing adult Disney fans — all adult Disney fans of course, but today, these adult Disney fans in particular: the ones currently going viral, who surprised their wedding guests with no dinner and no bar because they spent the food and drinks budget on the the celebrity appearance fee of Mickey and Minnie Mouse 

Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.


I regret everything I said and I no longer want to stand by it. I'd like to cancel my subscription to the 1st Amendment. In fact this thread threw my entire core belief in free speech into question — I can pinpoint "'kids stuff' is demeaning to children who are themselves discerning humans" as the exact moment I stopped believing that just anyone should be able to say anything they want, whenever they want.  I mean, I was just lectured over 30 tweets about how I must be inclusive and respectful of grown adult men who weep over Goofy setting off fireworks at a magic kingdom. Clearly we can't allow this to continue. 

As for the "Am I The Asshole?" wedding question — yeah, I mean, yes of course you're the asshole. Like are you fucking kidding me? OBVIOUSLY. You had people come in for your wedding then didn't feed them or serve them drinks so you could use all of the money to pay for MICKEY AND MINNIE MOUSE TO STOP BY.

Jodi all due respect but I am a Blogger and I'm here to tell you that this wedding deserves to be completely and utterly savaged in that Facebook group until the end of time, and the bride and groom will be pathologized by anyone who wants to pathologize them and it probably won't be hard enough pathologizing. There are enough special interest groups with special feelings that need to be treated gently and spoken to softly.  I draw a hard line at adults obsessed with cartoon mice. Sometimes weirdos are just fucking weirdos, that still exists.


If you ever find yourself speaking or typing the words "there were 2 vending machines" as a defense of your wedding, apologize to everyone for your dogshit wedding.