The US Soccer Team Is So Damn Good That Uruguay Tried Cheating And Still Couldn't Beat Us

I'm not lying in that headline. Uruguay tried cheating in a friendly and still couldn't beat us! (h/t ESPN)

In an odd twist, match officials allowed Uruguay to make seven substitutions, one more than rules allow.

It was a bizarre scene when it happened too. A bunch of US soccer officials and assistant coaches all swarmed the 4th official asking him how he can't count to six. Then you even had Gregg meeting up with Diego Alonso, Uruguay's manager, to figure out what the hell happened. 

Now as for the match? Thank all things holy this isn't our regular defense. There was no Dest. Antonee Robinson didn't start. There was no Horvath/Turner/Steffen in goal. I say that because there were some AWFUL breakdowns that simply can't happen in November. All in all I'm not *that* worried because again, typically we have Dest/Robinson/Zimmerman and a 4th will be there. 

Or this one and I have no idea how Cavani missed it

My biggest complaint is still the lack of figuring out what to do up top. The US was better in the first half. That's just a fact. However, Jesus Ferreira botched two pretty simple chances. You have to get one of those. We didn't see enough of Haji Wright (who should have gotten the start). 

This is what the US has to figure out the most. What to do up top. Me, a blogger with roughly 0% input on what happens? Get weird and put Weah in that spot. Run Dest, Zimmerman, Robinson, figure out a 4th in the back. McKennnie, Musah, Adams in the middle. Then give me Reyna, Weah and Pulisic up top with Weah in the middle. Have Aaronson be the first sub and go from there. 

But here's the ultimate overview. It was a friendly against a top-13 team in FIFA rankings and a point. Neither squad rolled out necessarily their A lineup as it was a mix since both teams played last week. Unlike Mexico who lost 3-0 to Uruguay, we did not. 

The goal is now simple leading into November. 1) Figure out who the true No. 1 goalie is. 2) Find out who can play next to Zimmerman because that Miles Robinson injury is a complete dagger. 3) Figure out who the fuck can score from the 9 spot.