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Dude Jumps Off The Roof At Jersey Shore House Party, Nobody Catches Him

This weekend was “Around The World” down in Manasquan at the Jersey Shore. Every house in the neighborhood represents a country and if you’re renting that house, you get all the native booze from that region and you host an enormous house-party-crawl for a specified amount of time. Anyway theres always one house that goes hard in the paint. Last year was Ireland when they were throwing full cans of Guinness off the roof and some girl got hit right in the face. Pretty sure she died. Well this year clearly England took home the Around The World Crown when the Holy Grail Knight from Indiana Jones here decided to throw himself off a roof. Waited for the beat to drop and everything and then just gracefully floated himself out there, convinced that his guests would catch him, only to see his tailbone be absolutely decimated.

I doubled checked on twitter to make sure the kid wasnt dead. He got at me and said “slightly bruised tailbone, cuts, slight concussion, but it’s all worth it.” He later updated me with “Day 2 Pain: hurts to walk, poop, cough, sneeze, hit a bump in the car, turn head either way, and to chew.” Pretty sure this is one of those scenarios were the kid is dead and just doesnt know it yet. Like come Wednesday hes just gonna drop dead. Whatever at least England won Around The World 2015 bro!

PS – More footage from the same maniacs:


How about the fucking drone! The absolute last thing Around The World needs is goddam helicopter blades chopping all over the place. Hank JPP’d himself and he’s specifically our “Drone Guy.” A few hundred drunk assholes in Manasquan do NOT need personal camera helicopters flying through the air introduced to that atmosphere.