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Chicks Dig Seam Shifted Wake. The Firmer The Better. Come And Get It.

Of course we're talking SSW which means go buy a shirt. This is how it works. You say you want a shirt, Jake designs you a shirt and I call my guy from the warehouse for inventory levels. Those are the kinda guys we are and it delights me to present our first collaboration. 

I honestly don't even understand Seam Shifted Wake and I listened to another hour on the topic, read articles and then talked through it with Jake for today's show. Still - absolutely no clue what's going on. You lose me the second you say turbulence. That's the first word they teach you as a young kid that doesn't really mean anything. I was 10 when I thought the plane was going down. Pilot gets on the horn and explains they gotta climb a little higher to avoid turbulence. 

Passenger 57 is my #1 airplane action/counterterrorism movie of the 90's. Then Executive Decision, followed by Air Force One and Die Hard 2 in that order. Somewhere lurking in the background though is Turbulent. Some critics described it as TWISTER AT 36,000 FEET. 

Marketing Boss: We should make a sequel to TWISTER but instead of a Sequel we just say every movie is the next TWISTER that way we just have as much TWISTER as possible

The Room: great idea Gene

Anyways guys. Turbulence is not meant for a baseball. At least not in my brain and not on my watch. Leave that shit to the losers in the front office and the sweet dudes like Kevin that shit pump plus plus stuff for 7+ innings every single night. Those are the kinda guys that can read a report on Seam Shifted Wake adjustment and actually process the information in some meaningful way.  Anyways go listen to the show. Subscribe to it. Watch it. Do whatever it takes just support the effort n