If You Love Old Hollywood Or The Mafia You NEED To Be Watching "The Offer"

So last month Paramount + premiered their show The Offer that I've been quite excited for ever since I saw the first trailer for many reasons though I had gotten around to watching it until the other night due to the fact that I protest the weekly releases. I really wanted to just bang 'em out all at once after the 10th & final episode premiered though I couldn't wait any longer after my parents and friends wouldn't shut the hell up about it so I gave into the temptation much like Adam & Eve eating the fruit or White Goodman becoming a fat again.

And BOY were they right because this show is AWESOME!!!! All it is is about getting The Godfather made yet it's practically half of a mob show half of an old Hollywood show so far which happen to be two of my favorite things. Miles Teller as always can do no wrong as the lead. The dude from Balls of Fury KILLS as Francis Ford Coppola amongst many other insane castings like Mario Puzo, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, and most importantly our queen Juno Temple from Ted Lasso rocking a blonde wig and an American accent. It's a far cry from the Keeley Jones we know and love though she's just as splendid in this as well. Not to mention on the mob side of things one of my favorite actors in Giovanni Rabisi leads as Joe Colombo while so far we've seen the likes of Crazy Joe Gallo & Frank Sinatra many times. All these personalities brought to life on a screen is fucking sick, man. It's so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so cool. It's funny. It's interesting. It's even suspenseful at times! 

As of now my only complaint is the dude that's playing Sinatra (shoutout Waldon from the Sopranos) talks a little too fast for my liking. For some reason I would've LOVED to see someone fancy like Jon Hamm as Frank which, hear me out, he would've fucking killed. And the obvious cherry on top is the man of the hour responding to my quick little review on Twitter.

The answer was an easy 37 out of 5. 

I'd also like it on record that you DO NOT have to be a fan of the Godfather to enjoy this show. I've only seen it once in my whole life and yet can't stop watching. Check it out!