Chaos With The Trivia Tournament? (The Dozen: Tournament II - Round 1, Day 2 Preview)

The Dozen: Trivia Tournament II presented by High Noon is back tonight! After a night with a huge upset at 13-seed SPITTIN CHICLETS took out 4-seed CHICAGO, we have two wild matches ready to go at 7|6c. With day two on deck, we enlisted one of our producers, Tyler Goochman, to break down the matchups by the numbers and why each team may win, or lose. Enjoy!


- 5–2–0 Team Record
- 11.00 Points Per Match
- 3.14 Steals Per Match
- 43% Niche Success Rate
- Titus (5.67 PPM)
- KenJac (5.43 PPM)
- Donnie (3.00 PPM) 

- 5–3–2 Team Record
- 11.67 Points Per Match
- 3.33 Points Per Match
- 55% Niche Success Rate
- Tommy (5.89 PPM)
- Glenny (5.11 PPM)
- Smitty (4.56 PPM) 

Why Smockin will win: Smockin is a funky team that dominates in non-Sports categories, specifically Music, Movies, Television, and History; in a league where teams hone in on Sports, Smockin goes against the grain with Titus and KenJac at the forefront, along with Donnie adding clutch vibes.

Why Uptown Balls will win: Despite all the noise, Uptown Balls has three good players who all put up points, and if you watch their games closely, you can make an argument they should have been a 7–2–1 team instead of 5–3–2; hopefully all the chaos during the season has prepared them for the tourney.

Why Smockin & Uptown Balls will lose (in 2 sentences): Smockin is amazing at non-Sports and capable in Sports, Uptown Balls is strong in Sports and capable in non-Sports; this match comes down to the steals. When these two teams matched up earlier in the season, Smockin sweeping World History and Uptown Balls missing a doubled Baseball question decided the game; it could easily go the other way this time around.


- 5–5–0 Team Record
- 11.00 Points Per Match
- 2.40 Steals Per Match
- 64% Niche Success Rate
- Rudy (6.00 PPM)
- KFC (4.90 PPM)
- Jack McCarthy (4.30 PPM 

- 2–5–0 Team Record
- 10.14 Points Per Match
- 2.00 Steals Per Match
- 43% Niche Success Rate
- Clem (4.71 PPM)
- Eddie (3.71 PPM)
- Dave (3.33 PPM 

Why urMom will win: One of the best non-Sports teams in the league, Rudy’s been one of the best players all season, but do not sleep on KFC and Jack McCarthy as they have each carried their team at different points in the season; they have a lot of chemistry and heart even when the cards are down, in person they will be electric.

Why Ziti will win: With Dave at the helm, Ziti feels like they can beat anyone as they defeated the Frankettes, the Honkers, and took the Yak to the wire in Los Angeles; however, Ziti also feels like a team who can lose to anyone.

Why urMom will lose: They have never had a live match and are going against one of the most experienced live-match teams; their weakness is general Sports such as MLB, NBA, and NFL, which Clem and Eddie are decent in, so urMom needs to knock down one or two of those categories to minimize steal damage.

Why Ziti will lose: Technically, Ziti is a career 4–15–0 all-time, meaning they usually lose games; a healthy snack food question could put the nail in the coffin for their season.


The Dozen: Trivia Tournament II presented by High Noon airs again tonight, with doubleheaders Monday through Thursday starting at 7|6c, and lasting through June 2nd!