Nobody Should Be Surprised That Juwan Howard Smartly Turned Down The Lakers Disaster To Reportedly Stay At Michigan

This is the least shocking thing of the college basketball offseason. Everyone knew Juwan Howard would be linked to the Lakers job. He has ties to Rob Pelinka, LeBron, etc. But why would he take that job? I know the NBA is elite and you don't have to worry about recruiting, etc. But look at the Lakers. You want that circus? You want a team that's going to be blown up in a couple years max anyways? Hell no. Coach your sons, keep making second weekends and help bring Michigan back to a Final Four. That's way better for Juwan Howard than taking over a walking disaster in LA. 

Like Woj said too, Juwan gets to coach his two sons this year including Jett who is a top-40 recruit. Yeah I'd want to coach my sons over LeBron, Russ and AD too. At least I know they'd listen to me and not try to shape the roster behind my back. Think about the two solutions here for LA too. You either trade Russ and have to deal with new pieces that should fit better or you keep Russ and know that there's no working solution in terms of fit and health on the court. Great job! 

Here's the other thing. Juwan Howard will likely be able to pick whatever NBA job he wants at some point. He's been successful at Michigan, he has experience as an assistant in the NBA. Why take the Lakers just because it's the Lakers? He shouldn't want that, not while he has Michigan in a good spot. 

Gonna count this as another loss for LeBron and the Lakers.