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Chet Holmgren Finally Revealed The Biggest Secret In His Life And Solidified Himself As No. 1 Overall Prospect

Well, that settles it. Chet Holmgren's biggest secret is he does eat and lift weights. That settles everything then so now Chet Holmgren should be the No.1 overall pick to the Magic. Every red flag was that he strictly didn't eat or work out. He was a string bean. Well, he's yoked. 

I do love that this is a story. Just the fact that he's skinny. Guess what? Kevin Durant was skinny. He seemed to be doing alright for himself (outside of pairing with Kyrie). There's a bunch of dudes that came in the league perceived as skinny. Also, welcome to being in your 20s. If Chet is like any other guys in his 20s he will 100% put on way too much weight. The key is to stop working out. Little tip from the pros here. Eat a bunch of ice cream at night and then spend the next day sitting around. It works wonders. 

Now to be fair there is some concern in terms of strength and getting pushed off the ball, etc. But this is the story that is going to be overblown until he either flames out or becomes a star. I'll lean on the side of being a star because his name is Chet. There's no true guarantee, but I'll take my chances with a guy named Chet. Just screams star. 

Now seriously man, ice cream and sitting around.