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Italian Soccer Club Sampdoria Waited 11 Years For Revenge And Finally Held A Funeral For Their Rival After Genoa Got Relegated

[Source] - That result delighted city rivals Sampdoria who celebrated by lighting fireworks and gathering in the city centre.

It is payback for Genoa's celebrations after Sampdoria's relegation to Serie B in 2011, and they are making the most of the occasion.

Thousands marched down streets together holding banners and waving flags, singing songs that were perhaps about Genoa's demise.

Many met up in a town square where celebrations continued long into the night to provoke their neighbours.

This is fucking awesome. This is how you truly hate a rival. Holding onto an 11-year grudge and just waiting year after year to celebrate the demise of your rival. It finally happens and you celebrate your ass off. That's how you twist the knife perfectly. There's nothing like European soccer hate and this is where promotion/relegation is awesome. I have zero ties to it so I just want to watch heartbreak and see the world burn. In Italy, it's partying. Either/or really is what I want to watch. 

What I really need to know is how long was that coffin waiting to be used? This fan probably sat there and painted it for years, touching it up from time to time just in case. That's the true star of this whole saga. Anyone can get fireworks at the last moment. Anyone can party. Not anyone can keep a coffin painted with your rival on it. 

You could tell me Sampdoria won the damn league with this celebration. Nope just finished 15th in Serie A and avoided relegation. Twist that knife all the way.