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Drunk Bro Emails His Professor Asking For An Extension Because He's "Really Fucked RN And Will Be Sick AF Tomorrow"



[via Antsped]

I don’t believe anything on the internet is real for the record. Basically anything that gets uploaded to the internet and ends up on Imgur I assume is completely fake. But you have to believe in SOMETHING right? You have to start somewhere? And I choose to start with believing this exchange is a real…that a dude got super fucked up and emailed his professor completely in street slang while blacked out, and his professor wrote back being completely reasonable and funny. Didn’t contact the dean to issue an automatic suspension then call the police in to launch an investigation that ended up with like 6 frats being shut down. Just one old bald dude with a sense of humor calmly responding to one young drunk af kid who is really fucked rn.

That’s the world I want to live in. A world where professors are understanding and realize their students are there to have fun and will be drinking a shitload and should get free passes on things. A college utopia if you will. If I can’t believe in that I give up trying to believe in anything.

PS – I don’t want to stereotype or anything but Patrick Davidson was not the name I was expecting.

h/t Nate