If You Want To Know Why James Harden Sucks In Painstaking Detail, Tim Legler Has You Covered

Take a bow, Tim Legler. To say James Harden "wants no part of this" regarding smoke in the NBA playoffs and that he has "no responsibility" toward any of his teammates...yeah someone had to say it.

EVERYONE has been putting Harden on blast. To the shock and horror of Philly fans, he looked more like Ben Simmons this postseason than some superstar savior.

I would normally be inclined to say, "GEEZ lay off the guy!" and not pile on, but James Harden came to Philadelphia to team up with Joel Embiid as the missing piece to finally bring this version of the 76ers an NBA championship. The man is due to make over $47 million next season if he accepts his player option.

So no, James Harden is not beyond reproach, especially after attempting just two second-half shots in last night's elimination loss to the Miami Heat. Far from it. Legler came at him on national TV to back up what he posted to social media — which was arguably even more (rightfully) harsh:

There's that work ethic cliche: "First guy in, last guy out." Yeah, James Harden is the last guy into the team/practice facility — and the last guy out of the nightclub. Dude can't get enough of the party life. He's now crashing and burning because of those off-court choices. Can't say I feel bad for him. I feel bad for the fans who saw an all-time talent not even come close to realizing his potential, and now Harden is in danger of never winning a Larry O'Brien Trophy.

That grotesque, must-be-smelly-as-fuck beard Harden rocks and the self-centered attitude he defiantly exudes to the media at every turn were reason enough to be turned off by him. No one relied more on foul calls and favorable whistles than Harden, and now those aren't going his way, in part because he's not as explosive as he once was, and in part due to rules tweaks and the fact that referees — awful as they can be at their jobs oftentimes — are onto his bullshit.

So between the unkemptness of his physical being, public persona and how brutal it was to watch him whine and flail his way to the free throw line for all these years, let's all be honest for a second. I don't wish ill on pretty much anyone, but isn't it a relief that Harden is getting such a rude awakening? This is a legit reckoning for him. Harden turns 33 next season.